Errors, Risks, Fixes & Ethics (part 2) Tom Hoar - January 12, 2020 Professionals, like lawyers, doctors, judges and others, recuse themselves at the appearance of partiality. Do translators bear the same responsibility? My last article, Risks When a Client Corrects an Interpreter,… Continue Reading → Biographical, Ethics, Pulse
Risks When a Client Corrects an Interpreter Tom Hoar - December 31, 2019 I invited him to a side conference so I wouldn't embarrass him in front of the students. I pointed out the error. What happened next was totally unexpected... I was… Continue Reading → Biographical, Ethics
Angst in a Time of Change Tom Hoar - December 10, 2019 New, more capable technologies continuously replace perfectly functional old ones. Change isn't new. Why do we resist it? I’m not a translator and I don’t pretend to be one. I’ve… Continue Reading → Biographical