CSA Linguist Supply Chain

Linguists agree! Cloud-based MT is the lowest quality and least effective productivity tool. This report shares demographics, behaviors, attitudes, and challenges that translators and interpreters face at the turn of the 2020s.

Good Things in Small Packages

David Versus Goliath is story about an underdog who defeats a mighty opponent against overwhelming odds. What does it teach translators, teams and agencies about machine translation?

Errors, Risks, Fixes & Ethics

Professionals, like lawyers, doctors, judges and others, recuse themselves at the appearance of partiality. Do translators bear the same responsibility?

Quantum Machine Translation

Quantum physics, quantum mechanics, quantum leap, quantum machine translation… How have we come to use “quantum” in seemingly opposite ways?

Risks When a Client Corrects an Interpreter

I invited him to a side conference so I wouldn’t embarrass him in front of the students. I pointed out the error. What happened next was totally unexpected…

Angst in Times of Change

New, more capable technologies continuously replace perfectly functional old ones. Change isn’t new. Why do we resist it?

Comparing Slate Desktop to Google NMT

Thirty-one translators created raw customized MT by translating a typical set of their work with their Slate Desktop™ engines. We created Google NMT from the same set and compared the two.

Slate and memoQ Speed My Work

Igor Goldfarb was one of our earliest customers. He shares his experience using Slate Desktop™ with patent translations in Russian.

Practical MT Evaluation for Translators

How can you consistently and effeciently evaluate machine translation engines? Subjective observations of the machine translation (MT) “quality” are simple and easy, but reviewing 35-40 words tells you nothing about your long-term experience with an engine across 10,000 words.

Who Is a Translator’s New Best Friend?

Isabella Massardo reviewed Slate Desktop™ in August 2017 on her blog, http://massardo.com/blog/review-slate/. Thank you Isabella.