Better Machine Translation

If you’re an independent translator or work with a team, and if you work post-edit machine translations in a CAT tool, you probably found this website while looking for better machine translation.

That’s not a surprise given today’s best practices in post-editing machine translations (PEMT). Here at Slate Rocks, “better machine translation” means keeping more of what you earn, and…

Better machine translation starts with the engine.

The Engine

The road to better machine translation

An engine generates the machine translation you post-edit.

Service providers like Google & DeepL have an engine for each language pair. They configure each engine’s artificial intelligence as a jack of all trades that generates MT for every possible subject and serves millions of people.

Better machine translation uses artificial intelligence to mimic your mastery of the languages and specialty. The artificial intelligence learns your specialty, terminology, and writing style to generate better machine translation focused on your post-editing experience.

That’s what Slate™ is all about.

Slate™ is an intuitive and user-friendly machine translation engine that runs on your PC. It’s artificial intelligence generates MT that mimics your knowledge, terminology and style.

Engine Strategies

Different engine strategies balance convenience, cost and quality to meet your machine translation goals.

Online Engines

One size fits all

An online engine generates one-size-fits-all machine translation. The engine’s one-size-fits-all MT fits your work like a thrift store’s one-size-fits-all clothes fit your body.

An online engine is convenient. After all, the service provider did all the work to make the engine. But the online engine doesn’t optimize your income. The subscription fees eat into your profit or an agency pays you lower rates.

An online engine strategy favors convenience over better machine translation.

Personalized Engines

Bespoke tailored

A personalized engine generates bespoke tailored machine translation. The engine’s tailored MT fits your work like a tailor’s bespoke clothes fit your body.

A personalized engine is an intuitive PC application. You import your translation memories and Slate™ artificial intelligence learns to mimic your translation knowledge and style.

Personalized MT mimics you, and you spend less time editing. There are no subscription fees and agencies don’t pay you lower rates because they don’t know you’re using Slate™.

A personalized engine strategy optimizes your income.

Ready-made QMT™ Engines


A Ready-made QMT™ engine generates ready-to-use machine translation. The engine’s ready-to-use MT fits your work like a department store’s ready-to-wear clothes fits your body.

A Ready-made QMT™ engine is convenient because we did all the work to make the engine. There are no subscription fees eating into your profit because you buy the engine for a one-time fixed fee. Agency don’t pays you lower rates because the engine runs on your PC.

A Ready-made QMT™ engine strategy balances continence with better machine translation.