TRANSLATE FINANCE (Italian to English)

“We have developed slate® desktop customized SMT engines for Italian to English production since 2013. Our financial annual reports engine dramatically improves our productivity and reduces turn-around time (TAT) drafting and filing annual reports. Our choice in favour of slate® desktop supported our underlying philosophy — leverage our own 25-years of translation memories and keep them resident on our own in-house machines. It has proved invaluable in terms of data security and confidentiality, is a big issue in the financial world.”

Italian to English – Financial Agency


slate® desktop has solved the dichotomy between confidentiality and machine translation. It has the edge not only in look-up times but also in making quick tweaks to a terminology file. Adding a couple of terms or variables for a specific project is a breeze. For me, a customised MT engine is an additional tool in my toolkit, and it’s the sum of all these tools that makes me highly productive in terms of output per hour.”

Emma Goldsmith, Spanish to English – Medical


“I’m always interested in what technology can do for so human an art as translation, and so signed up for slate® desktop. Compared with attempting a Moses installation, it’s a walk in the park. For me, the benefits are confidentiality and user control, and I’m already using it on a real-life project. The results are mixed, but the trajectory looks promising, and there’s always the happy compulsion to build a better engine. I applaud what Slate Rocks is doing.”

English to Gaelic – LEGISLATION


slate® desktop gives a whole new dimension to the way I translate. Words I’ve used long ago or in different contexts are popping up in my screen in nearly perfect sentences – and they fit my style. To see that is wonderful and makes you might certainly want to give slate® desktop a go!”

Pieter Beens, English to Dutch – Technical

TRANSLATE TECHNICAL (English to Hungarian)

“I got slate® desktop to prove it won’t work. I couldn’t be more wrong! I liked its ease of use and its privacy without uploading TMs into a cloud. The effort I put into my system determined my results, an impossible feat for other MT systems where you get what they give you. slate® desktop gave me a huge advantage and saved me a lot of time. I am happy I found and used this tool!”

English to Hungarian – Technical


slate® desktop represents a major breakthrough for translators. Now, translators can reap the benefit of cutting edge research and development in statistical machine translation within their familiar Microsoft Windows environment.”

Terence Lewis, Dutch to English – Engineering

TRANslate® IT SOFTWARE (French to Dutch)

“I have been using slate® desktop for months and I am very pleased with it. It speeds up my work by eliminating or reducing the draft step in the translation process. It sometimes comes up with ‘amazing’ (;-) translations I had done before and completely forgotten about.”

French to Dutch- IT Software